“I am delighted to find such a good dentist within walking distance of home.

What I liked:
I have been a patient at this practice for a couple of years, and I am very pleased with their efficiency. They see everyone in the waiting room in an astonishingly short time, and are unfailingly good-natured and friendly.

They share their knowledge without reserve if the patient is interested, and are happy to discuss options for care. When the patient follows suggestions offered, they never fail to give lavish praise, and I am hoping it is not as rare an occurrence as it seems.

I am acquainted with other patients at this practice and they seem equally satisfied.”

“Brilliant Dentist, He takes care of you very well.”
Ryan Owen
“Excellent and highly professional dentist – very satisfied.

I have been seeing my own dentist for over 15 years on a regular basis. I kept getting the problems with my teeth: they didn’t treat me the way they should have despite my request and mentioning the exact problem.

I was in severe pain in my top front teeth. I couldn’t take it more, neither could I get a emergency appointment. They couldn’t offer me an appointment for another 2 weeks…

I then I asked around for a good dentist. I was recommended to see the dentist at Euro Dental Care and managed to get a emergency appointment.

The dentist was very professional, listened to my concerns, got me out of my tooth pain, explained treatment, took time treating me. I really felt comfortable after the treatment.The dentist and his staff were excellent.

I am still seeing the dentist for further treatment. They thoroughly explained treatment plan to me. I would highly recommend Euro Dental Care.

I would like to thank Euro Dental Care for ending my dental misery.”

M. A.
“I highly recommend Euro Dental Care. The standard of service is excellent. The practice is very professional and friendly, with a very high level of patient care.

I am so pleased with the dental treatment that I received due to the skill of the dentist. The dentist listened to my goals and my concerns and gave me excellent, honest advice on the various options.

The teeth whitening treatment has given me brighter teeth.

The dental bonding on my slightly chipped front teeth looks so natural, its amazing. The colour match is perfect and the finish is smooth.

I am so happy with my teeth now.Thank you so much.”

“Truly one in a million…

I had to have emergency weekend dental treatment and most places was closed. I called Euro Dental Care and they fitted me straight in and was so professional and understanding and total explained in depth what needed to be done every step of the way. They was amazing and u can tell totally committed to there customers.

I cannot say words to express my gratitude. Thanks so much. U was a life saver from pain and truly one in a million.”

Artur Kobis
“Simply amazing treatment and service.

I had not been to a dentist in over 20 years – was butchered and scared – but my cap came out. I was highly recommended to this dentist and they weren’t wrong.

From the time you walk in the door, the quality of service is outstanding..

And I was terrified but after the dentist saw that, I was totally relaxed and put at ease.. They are so professional and when they knew my cap had come out, they saw me on an emergency appointment on a Saturday straight away.

I cannot recommend this dentist enough – simply outstanding.”

Colin Stanford
“Excellent service.

I can’t recommend them too highly. Friendly at all times and willing to go the extra mile if needed.

What is rare these days is that they know our family on first name basis. You are greeted with a smile and great care is taken to reduce any discomfort for the most nervous of patients.”

“Excellent – I wish I had found a practice like this 30 years ago!

What I liked:
I have had a fear of dentists for over 30 years and I had not been to a dentist in over 5 years after visiting another local dentist who wanted to pull out healthy teeth so that I could have a denture – something I did not want. Needless to say I did not go back as, unfortunately, my negative views of dentists were reinforced.

I now have very few teeth left and although nervous, knew I had to try and do something about the teeth I do have left. I was very apprehensive about my first visit to this practice, even though I had been recommended here by a friend. All I can say is if I had found this place 30 years ago, I believe I would still have the majority of my teeth.

What a completely different experience here! The staff couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful. The dentist I saw gave me an honest opinion of what was wrong and told me what treatment was available as both an NHS and private patient.

Unfortunately, I am not in a position at the moment to have the treatment that I really want but I feel that the dentist I saw gave me the best service available under the NHS. I did not feel pressurised into anything and felt that everyone was doing their best for me. I would highly recommend this practice and advise anyone who has ever been scared of visiting a dentist to go here.

When I visit now I even feel relaxed enough to share a joke or 2 with the dentist!

What could have been improved? Nothing.”

Rwth Hunt
“I am currently having my 6 month smiles treatment here and I’m very happy. Highly recommend.”
Kaylie Falconer

I had Invisalign for 18 months with Euro Dental and was seen every few months for check ups. Appointments were always prompt and was always able to get the times I required for appointments.

I was able to email my dentist with any queries at any time during the day and they would get back to me and, if required, booked me straight in.

I have my wedding in a few weeks and the dentist was able to see me more often for treatment in time for my wedding.

I’ve had good service, and would recommend to others. I am almost towards the end of my treatment and look forward to seeing my new finished straight teeth in time for my wedding. :)”

“Great dentist, great experience…

We have been going to this surgery since it first opened and we have always been treated very well.

The staff are friendly and professional. Making an appointment is a cinch, and we always receive a timely reminder a few days before informing us of our appointment details.

The information we receive about our treatment is given in a clear and understandable manner. We feel that any decisions we make are in collaboration with the dentist and he ensures we fully understand what is going to be done, discusses with us any potential outcomes, and how much we will be expected to pay. The work done has always been to a very high standard.

Overall, we feel delighted with the treatment we receive at this clinic and will continue to use this surgery in the future.”

Dave & Patricia
Partial Dentures

“I have been a patient at Euro Dental Care since December. Knowing that I would require a partial denture and need two top teeth extracting I was a very nervous patient. This would be my first experience of ‘false’ teeth and I was very worried having lost my confidence and smile.

I was amazed at the understanding, compassion and friendliness of the dentist and their staff. I was given the utmost information, care and attentiveness through every step of the way. The dentist gradually built up my confidence slowly and with understanding and his professionalism, explaining over and over patiently the details of my procedure.

It has now been 2 months since I had my partial denture fitted and to say that I am pleased would be an understatement. I am absolutely thrilled with my amazing new look. I had no ‘teething’ problems whatsoever, but knew if I did I would be able to go back to the practice straight away and have the problem solved.

I am just so grateful to the dentist and their assistants for their care and friendliness.

So thank you for not only giving me back my smile, lovely very natural looking teeth, but my confidence.

Best wishes to you all.”

Jenie Webber
“Very Good Service.

I recommend this dental practice:

* Superb service
* Guide you through the process
* Treat you with respect

Overall great. All staff are friendly – they were very good.”

“Value for money.

I needed a dentist and this one was the nearest. Cheerful and helpful. Very kind about emergency treatment, appointment times seem a long way away, but not bad locally.

Treatment has always been well above average and a commonsense approach to charging is very welcome. Root canal treatment was very carefully and skilfully done without pain.

Previous assistants have been very expert and informative, and this also applies to hygienist treatment as well. I have had some very good treatment by this practice.

I could have to wait 2 months for an appointment, but they do do their best. They have refurbished lately so I don’t have recent experience this year. But up to October everything holds good.”

Rwth Hunt
“U will never get a better dentist ever than the dentist I had at Euro Dental Care.

They are so professional careing and understanding… I’ve been with them for many years now and had a lot of work done….and when I’ve had problems they’ve been so understanding and without an appointment has seen me…

Never in all the years have I had such a wonderful dentist. I promise they are truly 1 in a million.

Thanks so much, Scott.”

“A very Satisfied customer…

I have been registered at this Dentist for nearly 2 years.

From my very first visit as a very nervous patient I have received the best treatment possible.
My last 3 appointments have been emergency and a slot has always been found.

Today once again I had to ring and was given an appointment. My smile was saved once again.

As an NHS patient I think we are really lucky to find the care this practice gives. :)”

Elizabeth Barnes
“Best ever.

I’m scared of dentists but this was the most relaxed I have been.

Very polite and professional. Pleasure to go there.”

D. Caah
“Brilliant Dentist – Highly Reccomend.

I came in for a consultation for a clear brace, as I was travelling from a distance the receptionist had kindly arranged for me to have the consultation and the X-rays done on the same day to save me a repeat journey.

The dentist was brilliant, from the moment I met them they made me feel comfortable. We had the chat and then after a short wait I went back in for the X-rays.

As a result, unfortunately I was unable to proceed with the treatment because in the long run I would have done more damage to my teeth than good.

The dentist was brilliant in explaining this to me, they didn’t push me to go along with a pricey plan, in fact they encouraged me not to proceed as their main concern was the longevity and health of my teeth.

We discussed other options available to me and then they sent me on my way.

This is by far the best dentist I have come across who cares more about teeth than making money. I would highly recommend this practice.

I would like to add here that I’d bought a Groupon voucher without reading the reviews, having paid up front it was only a few days before my appointment that I read what other people were saying.

My heart sank as I read the mixed reviews but as I had paid and booked the appointment I thought I may as well go along. I am so glad I did! As I was leaving the dentist called the receptionist in and asked them to immediately arrange to refund me all of my money…

Could not have asked for better service and care.”

“A Tale Of Terror.

It started as a horror story, but came to a perfect ending…

I am over 60 years old and had managed to avoid the dentist chair for 30 years. Sheer terror is the only excuse I have, why? read on;

I grew up in the 1950’s and 1960’s era, having had several procedures carried out on my teeth using gas to induce sleep.

Unfortunately I awoke during the procedure on at least three separate occasions whereby the Dental assistants had to hold me down until completion.

From that time until now I somehow managed to avoid attending Dental clinics, the innovation of toothpaste for sensitive teeth and gums, was a Godsend for me and others sharing like feelings.

In July 2013 this euphoria came to a sudden and abrupt end, I was scheduled to have Hip replacement surgery when I developed a loose tooth!! Horror of horrors, no surgery until sorted, sheer panic – aaagh no, they can’t do this to me.

That is when the Euro Dental Practice at Court Oak Road, Quinton, Birmingham, stepped up to the plate and saved the day, and my life took a turn I never dreamed could happen.

The professionalism, dedication, sensitivity, compassion, understanding and at times humour – yes ”humour” – demonstrated by the Dentist, Hygienist, Technicians support staff and the reception staff listening to my tale is above and beyond the call of duty.

They have turned my life around, in the short time I have been attending this practice I have had several fillings and extractions, some cleaning, more to come.

Today I get my new teeth and my smile back without the embarrassment.

I no longer have nightmares about dental treatment!!!

“Wow what a turnaround.”

Well done Euro Dental practice.

And a very, very, big “THANK-YOU” with a smile for your understanding. You sure know how to deliver the goods.”

“Great dentist.

As a nervous patient the dentist and dental nurse was amazing . I came away with filling done and not so afraid anymore , we’ll done to all staff x.”

Lisa Fox