Euro Dental Care Private Services & Fee Guide

Dental Health Examination Price
New patient consultation £39.00
Small radiograph £5.00
OPT radiograph £55.00
Dental report £55.00
Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment) Price
Anterior endodontics from £195.00
Pre-molar endodontics from £250.00
Molar endodontics from £295.00
Post removal from £180.00
Non-vital bleaching (per unit) from £180.00
Restorations (Fillings) Price
Tooth coloured fillings (composite) from £95.00 (dependent on size)
Silver filling (amalgam) from £95.00
Extractions Price
Simple extraction (per tooth) from £95.00
Surgical extraction (per tooth) from £120.00
Cosmetic & Aesthetic Treatments Price
Orthodontic consultations No Charge
Fixed upper and lower braces from £2400.00
Invisalign from £1999.00
Retainers from £195.00
Dentures Price
Full or partial acrylic dentures per arch (upper or lower arch) from £250.00
Full upper and lower acrylic dentures from £500.00
Cobalt chrome dentures from £650.00
Precision metal dentures from £1800.00
Veloplast dentures upper and lower from £350.00
Repairs to dentures from £40.00
Dental Implants Price
Single tooth implant (complete restoration) from £1450.00
Crowns & Bridges Price
Special tray £199.00
All ceramic (Procera) from £450.00
Full gold crown from £450.00
Porcelain crown from £450.00
Bridge per unit from £450.00
Periodontal Price
Consultation No Charge
Non-surgical periodontal treatment from £180.00
Scale and polish from £39.00
Hygiene appointment from £65.00 – £130.00
Whitening Price
In house whitening £199.00
Full mouth home whitening £199.00
Additional whitening syringes £15.00
Additional whitening syringes £199.00
Cancellations Price
Failed private appointments will incur a charge of £10 per ten minutes lost if appointments are missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. £10.00