Look after your skin this summer!

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Whether you’re leaving the country this summer or relaxing in the garden at home make sure to take good care of your skin this summer! Here’s a step by step on how to do so.

Step One- Cleanser/Face Wash

Cleanser is used to remove dead skin cells, oil, dirt and anything else that may be blocking your pours. Cleanser is used to unclog pours and also help prevent/calm down skin conditions such as ache.

There is no set amount of times you should wash your face, it is just based on common sense. Wash after a sweaty exercise session and any access oil of a morning and night, doing this will help prevent break outs. Don’t over wash! Over washing can lead to irritation or lack of moisture as the skin can’t create natural oils.

Step Two- Scrub

It is recommended to scrub your face one to two times a week even three times if you find your skin to be extra oily. If your skin is sensitive try to refrain from using facial scrub at all or find the right one for you that. Like the washing your face with face washer cleanser don’t over do it, this can take away the natural moisturiser in your face.

The exfoliation helps speed up the natural process of the dead skin cells falling off to reveal the new healthier skin cells.

Step Three- Toner

Toner is a brilliant way of ensuring that all the dirt, oil and dead skin cells on your face has been properly removed leaving your pours unclogged which helps minimise them and leaves your face to feel refreshed.

If you do add toner to your daily routine, which I would highly recommend doing, apply it to your face after you’ve cleansed of a morning and a night (twice a day.) It can be applied using a cotton pad or if in the correct bottle it can be sprayed on to your face.

Step Four- Moisturiser

Use a moisturiser that matches your skin type, for example if you have oily skin use a lightweight moisturiser and if you have dry skin use a heavy moisturiser. Moisturising is the last step you should perform in your skin routine, it helps lock in the moisture keeping your skin looking and feeling soft and hydrated.

Moisturise after you’ve toned your face, this can also be done twice a day.

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