Natural Teeth Whitening – the Foods that Whiten Teeth

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Most of us have heard about the teeth whitening treatments that are available at dentists. These have an anti-aging effect by returning our teeth to the shade they were when we were younger and create a healthier-looking, more aesthetically-pleasing appearance…

teeth whiteningTeeth whitening involves being fitted for custom-made trays that are filled with a solution to whiten your teeth. The solution available at the dentists is stronger than that used in at-home teeth whitening kits so you gets results faster…

Also, because the trays used to hold the solution are custom-made by your dentist, you don’t get the same irritation that is often caused by the generic one-size-fits-all trays used in the home whitening kits. Some of these at-home kits have also been shown to produce very little change in the colour of your teeth, so to avoid this problem, it’s always best to use an at-home teeth whitening solution that is provided, or at least recommended by your dentist.

If all this sounds like a bit too much trouble, did you know that there are a number of foods that naturally have a whitening effect on your teeth? By simply eating the right foods (in moderation of course!) you can turn back the clock and get a whiter, healthier, younger-looking smile…

Foods that whiten teeth

Apples, pears, cauliflower and guava all increase the production of saliva in the mouth which, over time, help to flush away stains

Sesame seeds – eating sesame seeds helps “exfoliate” the teeth and scrape away dental plaque

Oily fish, breakfast cereals, dairy products and eggs are rich in vitamin D – a vital nutrient needed to help absorption of calcium for healthy teeth and bones

Green vegetables – spinach, chard, kale, broccoli, lettuce, asparagus, etc – contain iron which forms a protective barrier over the teeth that protects the enamel and removes stains as it’s scrubbed away from the teeth

Shiitake mushrooms, basil, onions, garlic, honey, cabbage and chilli peppers are all natural antibiotics which help reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth

Cheese – the calcium, protein and phosphorus in cheese help to protect against acids in the mouthcheese

Pineapple, apples, celery and cauliflower all help to remove stains naturally

Ginger helps guard against inflammation and keeps the mouth healthy

Whole grains in cereals and pasta contain vitamin B and iron and are also rich in magnesium which is important for healthy bones and teeth

Carrots, apricots, peppers and melon are all rich in vitamin A – required for healthy teeth enamel

So there you go! Simply eat more of these foods and you’ll see a gradual change in the whiteness and general health of your teeth 🙂

If you can’t wait that long and want results faster, contact us to find out about either our in-practice our teeth whitening treatments or our dentist-recommended at-home teeth whitening kits. Contact us by phone on: 0121 428 2999 or by email at:


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