Scary Halloween Snack Ideas

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Trick or treat… Bobbing for apples… Scary decorations – all great Halloween traditions… but how do you take things to the next level?

Why, the food of course!

Here are some serving suggestions to terrifyingly transform your Halloween snacks!


Use some black olives for eyes and leave the meat hanging out of the sandwich to look like tongues!


Wrap sausages in pastry to transform them into Mummies! Add ketchup for a gorier look!


Slice apples and fill with peanut butter or whatever else you like. Use nuts (peanuts, etc) for the teeth!


Cheese is very versatile – create eyes from cheese and add black olives and use red peppers for a scary, veiny effect!


Cheese ghosts and black olive spiders make this pizza taste and look superb!


Use any kind of bread or biscuit mix and shape it to look like fingers. Add almonds for scary-looking nails!


Create mini-pumpkins out of peppers and stuff with cheese, etc. Serve cold or cook for a more monstrous look!


Kiwi fruit with strawberry tongues make an interesting-looking dessert! Stuff with jam or whatever you fancy!


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